Book Review: We Beat The Street: How A Friendship Pact Led To Success by Sharon Draper

  In this book the stereotypical saying that people from the hood die in the hood is broken.

This book is about how three friends Sampson, George, and Rameck struggled their way to success from the hood.  This book is a biography of three doctors written by Sharon Draper. This book highlights the act of perseverance that we have to go through to achieve quality life goals.

review of books on an affair with books

Just like The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks I read this book for a Battle of the Books competition for my school. I picked this book because I was excited to read it but later lost interest when I found out that it was non-fiction, and then I regained my interest when I started reading the book. This book has a wonderful story-line, and the effort on the author’s side  to write the story showing the point of view of the subjects was awesome because writing a biography of a person is not the same as writing the biography of three persons. The settings for the story were very realistic even though you could see some fictional facts that were added to it. The pause in the book to show reflects from the subjects on their own part of the story was also a good idea. The narration of the author was awesome, and the message was passed finely. The style of the author writing a non-fiction or a true life story in a way that one might have thought that it was fiction thrilled me to read the book. The stories in this book were also inspiring making it a keeper for a every reader.

Something I liked about this book was the way the stories were put to together with the occasional  reflection from the subjects of the book reminding the reader that the book was a true life story. Something I didn’t like so much about this book was the language because I wasn’t familiar with it causing me to pause in an attempt to try to get the idea of the message passed by the words, but the book is actually amazing, and I will recommend it to anyone that can read because it is a good inspiration to keep you going, and for that I will rate this book

Click HERE to get this book on amazon and here to visit the author’s website.


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