Review of Worth The Wait by Laura Jackson



review of worth the wait


This is a review of Worth The Wait  by Laura Jackson, a christian teen fiction with romance.

It is a story about how the character Ellie get confused in relationship with a lot of things meddling in her mind the of and on of Dylan, the presence of Josh which puts out-of-place while she tries to find and regain her true self.

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This was the first book that I got on netgalley, after reading this book, I told myself that this was review worthy.  The way the book was plotted kept me so curious that I was even tempted to skip and read what was going to happen next to ease the suspense, but I kept telling myself that it was no fun reading when you are skipping. A normal plot that we see for this kind of story is “The guy was a jerk, and she loved him with all her heart while he pretended to love her with all his heart. He cheated on her and started being a jerk to her. She realized that he was not THE ONE and she found another guy that was the ONE.” That is the exact opposite of this story. I love the characters in this story especially Josh and Ellie, and I wish that every teenager were like them.  What I liked  about this book is because of  the way it depicts the theme of and for the need of self-control, and what I disliked about this book is that my predictions were always wrong which is a good thing. I recommend this book for especially those that love romance in a Christian way because this is an awesome book for that.


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