The Reason For The Plaque

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I sat down and stared at the plaque that I had won for my extra-ordinary proficiency in oncology, I remember how tears poured down from eye sockets as I went up the stage to collect my award. I was surprised because I was not expecting to have won anything for my generosity and kindness to my patients, and the kids that suffered from serious illnesses especially cancer. My idea and discovery of the way cancer can be cured without using radioactivity. I personally knew that this was a little bit out of the box, I still did not expect it because I was not doing it to be famous or anything. I did it because losing someone you love to disastrous disease makes you want to make sure that human being on earth dies or suffers seriously because of that disease.

I sat and watched my best friend suffer from blood cancer on her sick-bed. I remember Rachel as the most healthiest person that I have ever seen. She judged me for all the junk food that I ate, my too much intentional exposure to carbon monoxide. She lay there looking like a vegetable, with her hands stuck weakly by her side, the oxygen tube in her nose, her dilated pupils which were very watery and looked like that of a blind person or someone with cataracts. She spoke so weakly that I had to bring my ears so close to her lips to hear what she had to say. My friend that pushed me to join her to run by 4:00AM and made sure that every skin and fat of the chicken was eradicated before it was cooked or she would not eat it. I remember when I was in the kitchen with her while she was trying to bake chicken for her little brother’s birthday party, I asked
“Why don’t you just become a vegetarian  because you are wasting all the meat in the kitchen?”

She replied to me saying, “I can’t give up meat because you just can’t get rid of something that was part of your development, and by the way I do not have to give anything good up, I am just doing it moderately.”

Every time I look at the plaque in my office, I always know that there is a reason behind it.


11 thoughts on “The Reason For The Plaque

  1. I like the story of this post; it’s meaningful and touching, and a lot of people can appreciate it. Also, I saw your comment in the Community Pool and wanted to give you feedback, so here I go: I think you should proofread a bit more to make sure that the sentences flow and make sense. Just read over it slowly. Some of the punctuation was off made it choppy. Other than that, I think it was great!
    By the way, I’m writing a book and want to get the word out. Please visit my blog at Thanks!

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