When I Read A Book

I love to read books very much, and if you read my about page you will see that I said that I read more than 2000 pages in about 32 hours which is true. I spent last year’s Summer reading and volunteering at the Library. I read up to 7 books before I even read the book that I was supposed to read for my honors class Summer Assignment which is funny and amusing to me. I have been observing the way I read, and I have even asked people about their reading habits recently. I have noticed that I find it hard to read books that people recommend to me because I like to personally pick out a book myself because I will make sure that it is to my taste. Most of  the people  I asked said the same too; for example I was supposed to read The Joy Luck Club for English class, but I only ended up reading only about 10 pages out of the whole book that was more than 290 pages. I had to watch the movie while doing dishes a day before the final test on the book. I never actually got the zeal to read the book before returning it to the library. This is one of the  reasons I don’t like buying books that are recommended especially in school, I borrow them from the library, and when I read a book that I asked to read it takes me longer than necessary.

Do you guys also experience the same thing?


4 thoughts on “When I Read A Book

  1. I find if I am reading a book I have wanted to read or am very interested in the subject I do take my time to allow for full understanding but also to keep myself interested in the story by ceasing at times at points where I want to return and can easily get straight back into enjoying story or facts.I usually read three or so books at same time to allow for mood I am in giving me choice.respex!!!!!!

    • That’s a wow! reading three books at the same time, I only read different books at the same time when I have one book that I picked out for myself that I really love and also have books that are compulsory for me to read, especially for a grade. Your reading technique is cool.

  2. I don’t mind reading books that are recommended to me, but sometimes I feel a little pressure to like them because they were recommended by someone who’s opinion I respect. But I get so many books that I love because someone recommended them, so I wouldn’t want to miss out.

    • I read recommended books too, but the pressure comes when I already have my own personal list of books lined up and someone tries to make me read another book that they have read and enjoyed without knowing if I will feel the same.

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