Review of FanGirl by Rainbow Rowell

review of fangirl on anaffairwithbooksThis is my review of FanGirl by Rainbow Rowell, a Young Adult Novel.

The book is about a girl, Cath,  that wrote fan-fictions and also read it with her twin sister, Wren,  but things change when they both leave for college. Cath is not ready and eager to adapt to college life, whereas Wren was as she had refused to share a dorm room with Cath whom she had shared a room with for eighteen years. Cath felt abandoned after Wren left until she found a friend in her wild roommate Reagan and Levi, the boy she found in her room on her first day of school.

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This book reminds me of the fact that there are things that we have and do that are really childish, but we always find it had to give it up. This is what happens to Cath, she has been reading and watching Simon Snow,  series of fantasy books written by Gemma T. Leslie, but she decides to write her own version on to continue the series since it was coming to an end. Her fictional-writing teacher tells her that she is stealing someone’s work which she tries to defend by saying she is borrowing the characters. This reminds me of “you are way to immature for age.” What I liked about this book was the way she wrote about her characters. I loved the way she developed the relationship between Reagan, Levi, and Cath. What I disliked about the book was the idea of having about two pages of Simon fan-fiction by Cath in the book, I think the author should have just said she read or wrote the fan-fiction, not including it in the story causing  an unnecessarily long book. This is my personal opinion

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2 thoughts on “Review of FanGirl by Rainbow Rowell

  1. I love the cover, but the inclusion of the fanfic does seem off-putting!

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