QFTR 2: Do you still a read a book after watching the movie?


It’s surprising that I’ve never read the Twilight and The Hunger Games.
I didn’t read the Twilight because I already watched the movie, and in the Hunger Games Trilogy I skipped The Hunger Games , and read Catching Fire and Mocking Jay, also because I watched the Hunger Games movie before deciding to check out the series.

So back to you guys how do you fill watching a movie before reading the book? Do you go ahead or stop?


4 thoughts on “QFTR 2: Do you still a read a book after watching the movie?

  1. Haha this post brings up a good point. Usually when I see the movie I feel less inclined to read the book. Sometimes I make the commitment to read the book first before watching the movie, but when the movie is based off of a book that’s super long, or something like that, then I won’t read the book. I know I’m kind of lazy XD

    • You are right when the book is too long, you go for the movie instead. Just like divergent .

      • Yeah but I heard that divergent was an easy read. It REALLY stinks when the book is long and has big fancy words…or in short is well written so that you have to think as you read it 🙂

  2. Actually I really haven’t looked in the book, I do want to read it because I like reading big books, but I’m just too busy with school work.

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