Cover Reveal & Interview: Heart Song By Desiree Williams

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Here comes the cover reveal of Heart Song  a new young adult fantasy fiction and christian fantasy fiction novel by Desiree Williams ABOUT “HEART SONG” In Aldonnia  where war ravages the land, and the evil of Varkadon overflows it borders Eighteen year-old Alanna dreams of the impossible, leaving her parents’ cabin, where  her future has built around a steadfast rule of seclusion. She finds a man whom she healed with her elemental talents which bound her to Jerric, the prince of Aldonnia. Hell is let loose in Alanna’s world with her parents lost, she learns what her parents have not thought her, that her talent had a greater calling, one which her enemies to seek to destroy. Alanna’s choice is clear which is to either stay hidden and ignore destiny, or to bravely fight to keep what sings to her heart. Okay now is the time for the reveal Stay still Breathe in Breathe out Hold your breath SCREAM!!!


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Heart Song By Desiree Williams Publication date: Coming Soon Genres:Young Adult, Fantasy Goodreads:


Desiree William's Heart Song cover reveal on affair with books

When did you start writing, and what made you to decide to start writing?            

Officially, I started writing in 2013. I’ve always been a lover of books, ever since I was young. I read so much growing up that my parents literally locked me outside so that my body would get some sunlight. As I got older, I dabbled in storytelling making up tales in my head. But it wasn’t until last year that I got the courage to put those stories to paper.

How will you describe your passion for writing?

As an unhealthy obsession to escape the real world. 🙂 Sometimes being a grown up just isn’t fun. It’s way cooler to just escape into the fictional world that’s inside my head.  

How do you feel about Heart Song?                

It’s an array of emotions. Heart Song is my first published novel and, as such, it’s my ‘baby’. I have that over protective mother approach, where I’m so excited to share it with the world, but terrified all at the same time.  

Who are the targeted audience for your book?               

  Essentially young adult, but honestly anyone who loves a good story about pure love. I want my stories to not only be entertaining but also give the reader a sense of hope and warm fuzzies. I want them to feel like they themselves can conquer anything.  

Is this going to be your first published work?

Yep! This is the first of many. 🙂

Do you have any writings that you have decided not to publish? Why?

None as of right now. All the books that I have brewing will be published.

 Is there anything or anyone that had inspired you to write this book?

Yes there are. First would be my savior, Jesus, and second would be my husband. Both of which taught me what love really means. My early childhood wasn’t the most pleasant, and as a result I was emotionally damaged for most of my growing years – well into my adult years. It took A LOT of tender love and care to patch up my brokenness. In the end I learned to understand the power of love. That power is written into my stories. Love prompts us to defend the righteous. Love builds nations and kingdoms. Love overcomes all obstacles and defeats all enemies.

 Do you wish to be a well-known author in future?

I would LOVE to be a well-known author someday. It is on my ‘dream’ list. And I believe any dream can be fulfilled. 🙂

 Do you have any particular book genre that you plan to focus on in future?        

         Right now, the majority of the books I’m planning have a fantasy theme to them. There is one that is a YA contemporary, but the majority are fantasy. Fantasy is so fun, there are infinite possibilities with a fantasy tale.

 Do you have any plans for book writing to be your main career?

Yes, this is one of my goals. I hope to be writing full-time one day very soon.  

What will you say to upcoming authors like you?

Never let fear and self-doubt keep you from following your dreams. Most times we’re our own stumbling blocks. We ourselves allow doubt to creep into our hearts – STOP! Doubt is a faith and dream CRUSHER. Kick it to the curb! You will never know what you are capable of if you never try.  Thank you SO much for allowing me to do this interview. I loved your questions! *virtual hug*

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One thought on “Cover Reveal & Interview: Heart Song By Desiree Williams

  1. I’m an aspiring author (as opposed to published – so congrats!!!), so I totally get being a well-known author as a dream-list item. Who knows, maybe you’ll be the next JK Rowling 🙂

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