Review of Save Yourself by Kelly Braffet.



Patrick Cusimano’s father killed a boy while driving drunk. Now Patrick is working at a grubby convenience store, and he and his brother, Mike, are the town pariahs. Caro, Mike’s girlfriend, is running from her own painful past, with no idea what she’s running toward. Layla Elshere is a goth teenager who befriends Patrick for reasons he doesn’t understand and doesn’t trust. And Layla’s little sister, Verna, tortured by her classmates, finds unlikely solace with Layla’s dark tribe of outcasts.
As their fates become entwined, everyone is set down a terrifying and twisted path—leading them all toward a collision where loyalties will be betrayed, fears exposed, and lives shattered.



review of books on an affair with booksThis is a book that I received free from Blogging for Books. I found the blurb of this book so interesting, requested it, and it got shipped to me in few days. When John Cusimano kills a boy while driving drunk, everything changes for Mike and Patrick Cusimano.  When Mr. Elshere threatens to sue his daughter’s school for teaching sex education in a biology class, their kids suffer. Caro runs from her past and mother.

I loved the intended direction of the book addressing the bad case of stereotyping, and the misinterpretation and extremism of religion. I call the characters of Patrick, Mike, Caro, Layla, and Verna masked people, because they are like people who go to a ball dance where everyone has to mask their faces, which means you might end up dancing with either the person you hate or the person you love. Literally there is also a lot of imagery in this book which helped  me to visualize the message the author was passing. The way she described the warehouse, John Cusimano’s car after the incident, and the cutting of flesh and drinking of blood between Justinian, Layla, and Verna. Sometimes or a lot times I disliked the use of imagery, and too in-depth description. I found the way she described Patrick’s obsession with horror movies interesting, and the part of the father of Ryan signing of his son’s organs funny. Sorry I know that is not funny in any way, but I found it freaky and funny when I was reading the book.

In honesty, I started this book with an open mind, and ended up reading it with a cautious mind. This book was an interesting piece, but I’m quite sure it wasn’t for an audience my age. The repeated use of inappropriate language and talk about sex did not appeal me in any way. I had to skip pages, and I hate skipping pages in an interesting book like this, but I had no choice when I had to filter a page to get the appropriate side of the reading.

Based on my opinion and reading experience and taste, I am rating this book a three and half out of five. I recommend this book to people who can read a good book with minding the inappropriate language.

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