Moving to

So, it has been a long while as my trying to manage three blogs at the same time is not exactly the most creative idea right now for me. It is hard, and I tend to focus on my newer blogs.

Anyways, I have decided to keep my blogging  party on one site. The reasons for my decision include

  1. Managing three blogs is hard
  2. I paid for a domain name for this site, so I kind of own it.
  3. I want to give my blogging life full and undivided attention.

This does not mean that I am going to abandon my book blogging. No. This blog is going is going to be refined. It is going to be me establishing my passion and creativity. This new blog will consist of me writing about what I love and can write about for a long time without getting bored. This blog is going to me be trying to make an income from blogging while sharing my passion and helping people.

I will still blog about books. I love books, but now I will include other things that I love such as technology and living through life.

So visit me at


Patience (a.k.a. chidiscosaffair)