An Affair With Books  I am a 16-year-old bookworm because I know it and most people call me that. I read everywhere that you can imagine and beyond your imagination. I read while walking, cooking (not complicated food of course), in the toilet, doing my homework, I read everywhere where I have the book with Me. I am student that can read a book and fully understand it, and I have read more than two thousand pages in less than 32 hours. I take honors classes, but I have a flexible schedule.


In this blog you will find book review, summaries, recommendations, book related posts, and some random things. I will take book requests if you want me to review your book on my blog, but note that I don’t accept all. I am more interested in fiction than non-fiction, but that doesn’t mean I won’t read a non-fiction book that I find interesting.


Check out my other random blogs on blogger. Chidisco Shares – This a personal random blog that I write about my opinions and what I feel like sharing. O! Monday  – This is a blog that I just started that it is dedicated to a special day of the week Monday!!!


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