Book Review: Inherit The Stars (Inherit the Stars #1) by Tessa Elwood – LOA’DAA

Book Review: Inherit The Stars (Inherit the Stars #1) by Tessa Elwood – LOA’DAA.


Book Review: I’m Not Her by Cara Sue Achterberg – LOA’DAA

Book Review: I’m Not Her by Cara Sue Achterberg – LOA’DAA.


I’m probably not going to writing a lot right now. I just want to say that I am back with my book blogging on An Affair With Books. I have decided to use  for a very different purpose , so yeah.  I will be  re-blogging some of my old book related posts here, so don’t forget to check them out thanks.

This is a slow move, so please be patient with me. 🙂

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Guilty or Not? Wealth or Dignity?

This can be Bill Cosby allegations confusion or not. Ha ha.



Public allegations made with similar scenery has consumed the celebrity media, tabloids, and serious news networks. Questions have arisen. Why now? Why is it that this is the time that has been deemed appropriated to rejuvenate maybe decades old occurrences? Well after thorough research, 2014 may not have been the beginning of this atrocious accusations, 1967 might have been. Though with the nefarious influence of wealth on impoverished pockets might have dismissed several cases. How is this the case that has applied to be more dominant on the face of the press than any other be addressed? The defendant, oh dear, is “guilty until proven innocent” since all this accusations appears to be all pertained to sexual assault. Why is it hard to come up with a decision? Guilty or not guilty? Is the law actually worth some dollars, and can the heart of a woman be purchased with a…

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I am Reading The Noticer

anaffairwithbooksheaderI chose the book to read as a 21st century non-fiction for my Advance Placement English 3 summer assignment. I have to read IN COLD BLOOD by Truman Capote too. Has any one read the book? Tell me if you liked it, but don’t tell me about the book.

Review of Every Day by David Levithan

I bought this book

This book is about a person or soul that changes into a new body every day. Continue reading

Cover Reveal & Interview: Heart Song By Desiree Williams

DRUM ROLL       Drum roll on An Affair With Books

Here comes the cover reveal of Heart Song  a new young adult fantasy fiction and christian fantasy fiction novel by Desiree Williams ABOUT “HEART SONG” In Aldonnia  where war ravages the land, and the evil of Varkadon overflows it borders Eighteen year-old Alanna dreams of the impossible, leaving her parents’ cabin, where  her future has built around a steadfast rule of seclusion. She finds a man whom she healed with her elemental talents which bound her to Jerric, the prince of Aldonnia. Hell is let loose in Alanna’s world with her parents lost, she learns what her parents have not thought her, that her talent had a greater calling, one which her enemies to seek to destroy. Alanna’s choice is clear which is to either stay hidden and ignore destiny, or to bravely fight to keep what sings to her heart. Okay now is the time for the reveal Stay still Breathe in Breathe out Hold your breath SCREAM!!! Continue reading

Only Me Knows Me

only me knows me

Only Me Knows Me illustration by chidiscosaffair

I am not a poet
my poem will
not rhyme

The story that my
heart writes
no one can read Continue reading

Review of Worth The Wait by Laura Jackson



review of worth the wait


This is a review of Worth The Wait  by Laura Jackson, a christian teen fiction with romance.

It is a story about how the character Ellie get confused in relationship with a lot of things meddling in her mind the of and on of Dylan, the presence of Josh which puts out-of-place while she tries to find and regain her true self. Continue reading

Book Review: We Beat The Street: How A Friendship Pact Led To Success by Sharon Draper

  In this book the stereotypical saying that people from the hood die in the hood is broken.

This book is about how three friends Sampson, George, and Rameck struggled their way to success from the hood.  This book is a biography of three doctors written by Sharon Draper. This book highlights the act of perseverance that we have to go through to achieve quality life goals.

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