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I’m probably not going to writing a lot right now. I just want to say that I am back with my book blogging on An Affair With Books. I have decided to use loadaa.com  for a very different purpose , so yeah.  I will be  re-blogging some of my old book related posts here, so don’t forget to check them out thanks.

This is a slow move, so please be patient with me. 🙂

P.S. Book requests are now open at http://goo.gl/forms/pEkWUs6072

Before I Turn Eighteen.

I have realised that I am yet to become what I wish to be. The intellectual one, a well known philanthropist,  a to be Ivy League student, app developer, researcher,  author, entrepreneur, and an inventor. All this are plans that are right now half baked because I have become best friends with procrastination  and have been made me an endangered species  by my excessive use of my tablet. In honest truth, my tablet has been of great help, but I have failed to make use of my intellectual capability.  You might wonder why I am writing this. This post is a checklist of what I am going to achieve before I turn eighteen in December.

Finish my novel before the end of March.
Make my store popular for profit.
Donate part of my profit to help reduce child trafficking  and donate blood pressure checking machines as many have died due to their lack of knowledge that they have hypertension or hypotension.
Code an app or software that is useful to society.
Get a minimum score of 5 on my four Advanced Placement  tests coming up in May.
Be known for something good.
Gain public speaking confidence.
Get several scholarships to go to college and graduate debt free.
Decide what to do with my post-secondary education Computer scienceor medicine. (I really love both ).
Get admitted into my first choice Ivy League University on  early action  or decision.
Work out and gain abs and muscles, but not too much muscles.

This list is not written by levels of priority.  You might wonder that this is a very long list. It is actually,  but I think I have relaxed too much in my past years to slack again this year.  How can I achieve this? Delete some apps from my tablet,  but I will be keeping my social media apps as they are crucial for business success, be organized, trust my intellectual ability, and have a mentality of do it now and not do it later. This will be all for now, but I will still be updating on my successes and failures.  Do you have a list of what you want to do before a certain time, and how you achieve or work towards them? Leave responses below or tweet response to #b418. Tag @chidiscosaffair.

I Am A Female, I Am Not Weak, And I Am Not A Feminist

Hello everyone it’s been like a long time. Right now I am opening a blog called the The Female Ambiguity. This blog is going to be focused on the issues with and faced by the female population, beauty, fashion, lifestyle, etc. I am aiming for it to be a big hit, My goal is for it to be like a haven for females to come to. I am going to try to not make this a blog where we constantly question gender inequality,  I am going to try to make it grow to where there will be forums and advice columns, and if possible turn it into a magazine. Just sharing my dreams. I will need help of females out there with guest posts on female issues, beauty tips, fashion tips, etc. If you would  like to publish a guest post on my new blog you contact me on this blog or you can contact me on my new blog. Thank you guys.

Big Break

Hello to my readers, followers, and also viewers. I am going to be going on a break to face school work, volunteer, and find a job.

Here is the sweet one, I am going to finish my novel.  WATCH OUT FOR IT 🙂

I’m writing to tell you guys that I won’t be updating with any book reviews for a while to lessen my distraction, but of course I will still be checking on my blog, and writing some other fun post, so actual  book reviews will be rare.

Busy Life

My life is so busy right now.  So glad school is almost over.

QFTR: Should I use my real name on my blog?

QFTR Normally my QFTR series are usually about books, but this time I want you guys opinion. I use chidiscosaffair on this  blog, but many book blogs that I have gone to use mainly their real names. Reasons why I’m afraid to use my real name online;

  1. I don’t want stalkers.
  2. I especially don’t want my class mates to start asking me about what I say on my blog when they search my name online and find about this blog.
  3. I don’t want to be blackmailed or scammed
  4. I had other reasons, but I just forgot them. GOSH!

Okay time to hear from you guys.

Happy Easter To My Followers

This is to say thank you to all my followers, and I’m wishing you guys a very HAPPY EASTER We make mistakes because we are only humans, Continue reading