I’m probably not going to writing a lot right now. I just want to say that I am back with my book blogging on An Affair With Books. I have decided to use loadaa.com  for a very different purpose , so yeah.  I will be  re-blogging some of my old book related posts here, so don’t forget to check them out thanks.

This is a slow move, so please be patient with me. 🙂

P.S. Book requests are now open at http://goo.gl/forms/pEkWUs6072


I Am A Female, I Am Not Weak, And I Am Not A Feminist

Hello everyone it’s been like a long time. Right now I am opening a blog called the The Female Ambiguity. This blog is going to be focused on the issues with and faced by the female population, beauty, fashion, lifestyle, etc. I am aiming for it to be a big hit, My goal is for it to be like a haven for females to come to. I am going to try to not make this a blog where we constantly question gender inequality,  I am going to try to make it grow to where there will be forums and advice columns, and if possible turn it into a magazine. Just sharing my dreams. I will need help of females out there with guest posts on female issues, beauty tips, fashion tips, etc. If you would  like to publish a guest post on my new blog you contact me on this blog or you can contact me on my new blog. Thank you guys.

QFTR 2: Do you still a read a book after watching the movie?


It’s surprising that I’ve never read the Twilight and The Hunger Games.
I didn’t read the Twilight because I already watched the movie, and in the Hunger Games Trilogy I skipped The Hunger Games , and read Catching Fire and Mocking Jay, also because I watched the Hunger Games movie before deciding to check out the series.

So back to you guys how do you fill watching a movie before reading the book? Do you go ahead or stop?

QFTR: Have You Be Tempted To Look At The Back?


Hello Everyone, I am starting a series on my blog called “Question For The Readers.”

Recently I am reading Every Day by David Leviathan, and I am trying to keep myself from looking at the back of the book because it is so interesting, and I want to know badly what happens to A at the end.

So what about you, Have You Be Tempted To Look At The Back?