Review Policies

I am open to consider book review requests sent to me.  To request a book review please read my review policies and feel the form on my here.




What kind of books do I accept or read?

As I said before, I am a very pick reader and do not pick books just because of their genre.

Well, If you will like for me to review your book make sure that it is interesting before requesting a review.

Do you have a rule on book request submission?

Yes,. I will be accepting a total submission of seventeen book review requests, and I will pick two out of the seventeen submitted that I found the most interesting to read and review that month.

Why two out of seventeen?

I know that is a small number to pick from such a huge number, but I am a student(hope that explains everything).

What happens when there is a conflict of interests on your side?

 I am very sure that there is going to be some interesting ties, so if your books pops up in my “should read later” lists, I will have a regularly updated sidebar widget and occasional newsletters sent out to let let your know if your book is on my “should read later” list.

What happens if my book shows up in my “should read later” list?

If your book makes this list, you are free to resubmit it again the next month, and I will be more likely to publish a review for it.

Do you always only read and review two out seventeen?

Please note that some months I might read more less than two books, but I will always announce the two books that I have picked out to read and publish a review on.

What happens when seventeen submissions are made in a month?

After seventeen book request submissions in a month, the submission form will be shut down.

Is there a range of time or deadline for book request submission?

I will leave the submission form open for the first seven days of a month, but I will advice you to make your submissions before the deadline because once the requests reach seventeen, the form will be shut down until the next month.

How do I fill a Book Review Request Form?

Go here at


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