I Saw Frozen


Okay guys I know it might be old with Divergent and The Fault in Our Stars on the line, but this is actually my first time seeing it. I mean I’ve seen the clips and stuff, but I actually saw it. Okay time to stop writing like a girly girl because I’m not.  It involves some spoiler, Read at your own risk.

What I’ve to say about Frozen is that it’s one amazing piece of work from Disney. There was a moment that I thought that it was going to be like Snow White, Beauty and the Beast, Little Mermaid, and Sleeping beauty

“Only true love’s kiss .”

 Since Anna believed herself to be in love with Hans while Hans was not in love with her, I thought that it was Kristoff that was in love with her which he actually realized and started his way back to the castle. You know like in any normal “Only true love’s kiss” Disney movie Kristoff is expected to kiss her, but it was actually someone other than Kristoff or Hans or even a male. I know some people who haven’t watched the movie might still be reading this post, so I’m not going to say who kissed her. I am not going to lie or pretend, I really love this movie, and I give a lot of credits to the writer and creator of this movie and also Disney. I absolutely fell in love with Elsa’s castle and dress.

If you haven’t watched it you should, it’s not cheesy like Snow White or Beauty and the Beast.