Book Review: Inherit The Stars (Inherit the Stars #1) by Tessa Elwood – LOA’DAA

Book Review: Inherit The Stars (Inherit the Stars #1) by Tessa Elwood – LOA’DAA.


I am writing a story on Wattpad

I Truly Wrote This

Hey everyone, I’ve been trying to write a novel. I was planning to sell it on amazon when I’m finished, but I changed my mind and decided to write on Wattpad to get an audience and the opinions of others.

The book is called My Life by Xita. Right now, I’m obsessed with the name Xita, not like Bieber fever, anyway the name means “rain” in Maltese.

This is a story is about a girl Xita as she tells the story of her life as an illegitimate child resulting from her mother being raped at 17. She’s despised by her mates, looked upon as a disease. Life becomes difficult and complicated as she continues and decisions are hard to make. What will she do when she finds out that there is one person that loves her other than her mom? What will she do when her biological father makes a sudden reappearance begging for her to forgive him? Will she forgive him? He raped her mother, and ruined her childhood and adolescence.

You can read the book on Wattpad. Click here to read

Excerpt of the first chapter:

I was choking from the gut-wrenching and putrid smell oozing from the dark room.

“Do you want some painkiller mom?”

“Uh” she moans and throws up again, and I rush to the kitchen cabinet to get some ibuprofen. Thirty minutes later, I’m in the kitchen hurrying to make some eggs and oatmeal for breakfast. I take a tray to my mom’s room, and set it on her bedside table. I quickly gulp my breakfast and set off for the road. I have to walk really fast to be able to make the first train to 1st avenue so that I will have enough time to walk to school. I walk as fast as my weak legs can carry me because I had stood for too long cleaning up the mess my mom made. I sometimes run. I reach the station as the train door was about to be closed. I walk to the front seat in the train. For some reason everybody avoided the front while I avoided the back. I didn’t want to be a bait to those tired, angry, and hungry people. I pushed myself to the edge of the seat, even though someone two times of me can fit on the seat, and I look out the window as the train moves. I stop at 1st avenue and begin my slow scared walk to school.

This is how my morning starts; clean up my drunken mom’s mess, sometimes make breakfast if there’s anything to eat, catch the first train to 1st avenue, and walk to school as slow as I can because I do not want to be the first student to be in school.

Going to school was my own physical hell that I kept going back to. The teachers were mean, and the students called me names. As I went to my locker to get my books for my second hell, someone mistook a step and hit me, causing me to fall down heavily on my butt, and my books went in two directions. I looked up at the boy that caused me to fall expecting him to give me a helping hand, instead he said, “um I’m…,” and reached out his hand, and I also reached out mine, but he stopped halfway and said

“I can’t touch you.”

He ran down the hallway leaving me on the cold tiled floor with my hand still in the air. I dropped my hand and crawled to pick my books, and I used the lockers as support to stand up. I walked slowly to my next hell with my head in my neck in shame. I felt like a disease as everybody stared at me. Continue on Wattpad.

Note: I am writing this book in series, and I will try to update regularly. I might also post some stuff related to it here.

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QFTR 2: Do you still a read a book after watching the movie?


It’s surprising that I’ve never read the Twilight and The Hunger Games.
I didn’t read the Twilight because I already watched the movie, and in the Hunger Games Trilogy I skipped The Hunger Games , and read Catching Fire and Mocking Jay, also because I watched the Hunger Games movie before deciding to check out the series.

So back to you guys how do you fill watching a movie before reading the book? Do you go ahead or stop?

QFTR: Have You Be Tempted To Look At The Back?


Hello Everyone, I am starting a series on my blog called “Question For The Readers.”

Recently I am reading Every Day by David Leviathan, and I am trying to keep myself from looking at the back of the book because it is so interesting, and I want to know badly what happens to A at the end.

So what about you, Have You Be Tempted To Look At The Back?

When I Read A Book

I love to read books very much, and if you read my about page you will see that I said that I read more than 2000 pages in about 32 hours which is true. I spent last year’s Summer reading and volunteering at the Library. I read up to 7 books before I even read the book that I was supposed to read for my honors class Summer Assignment which is funny and amusing to me. I have been observing the way I read, and I have even asked people about their reading habits recently. Continue reading

Book Review: We Beat The Street: How A Friendship Pact Led To Success by Sharon Draper

  In this book the stereotypical saying that people from the hood die in the hood is broken.

This book is about how three friends Sampson, George, and Rameck struggled their way to success from the hood.  This book is a biography of three doctors written by Sharon Draper. This book highlights the act of perseverance that we have to go through to achieve quality life goals.

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Difficulties We Face In Reading Non-Fiction Books

Reading non-fiction books can sometimes be a heartache because it can be boring, too real, long, too analytic, and sometimes feels like a forced reading. Non-fiction books can be described as realistic books without fantasy. You should know that non-fiction books are not free of imaginations, and not all non-fiction books are biographies or autobiographies, for example, your textbooks can be classified under non-fiction books because they are factual. Reading non-fiction books for most people takes a lot of concentration to comprehend most of the words or message that is passed. Some of the obvious difficulties that we face reading non-fiction books include:


difficulties we face reading non-fiction books

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