Support my new blog.

Check out my blog The Female Ambiguity. I have not abandoned this blog. I will still post occassional book reviews and poetry, but book reviews will be scarce, as I am not able to make room to read another book for pleasure while juggling with my classes and reading the required classics. I am about to start reading the Death of a Salesman Leave a comment below if you have read this book.


I am Reading The Noticer

anaffairwithbooksheaderI chose the book to read as a 21st century non-fiction for my Advance Placement English 3 summer assignment. I have to read IN COLD BLOOD by Truman Capote too. Has any one read the book? Tell me if you liked it, but don’t tell me about the book.

Big Break

Hello to my readers, followers, and also viewers. I am going to be going on a break to face school work, volunteer, and find a job.

Here is the sweet one, I am going to finish my novel.  WATCH OUT FOR IT 🙂

I’m writing to tell you guys that I won’t be updating with any book reviews for a while to lessen my distraction, but of course I will still be checking on my blog, and writing some other fun post, so actual  book reviews will be rare.